Web Hosting -Hertfordshire

Netmediasolutions offer unequalled hosting services in Hertfordshire and throughout the UK and USA, and have done so for over 20 years. With every hosting account you get  a fully loaded and accessible hosting control panel with tracking and backup tools, pre-configured scripts, email and Mysql setup and FREE 1-CLICK INSTALLATIONS!

Use our one click install scripts to speed up your server configuration and ensure a hassle-free, perfect installation. All installs and software are completely free and use the latest available versions of the scripts. Find out more about 1-Click installations.

£3.99 p/m
Great for small websites
Web Space: 5000Mb
Bandwidth: 20000Mb
Databases: 5
Mailboxes: 10
FTP Accounts: 4
1-Click Installations
£11.99 p/m
Good for medium sized sites
Web Space: 15000Mb
Bandwidth: 25000Mb
Databases: 20
Mailboxes: 25
FTP Accounts: 10
1-Click Installations
iPhone Control Panel
£24.99 p/m
Excellent for demanding sites
Web Space: 50000Mb
Bandwidth: 50000Mb
Databases: 50
Mailboxes: 100
FTP Accounts: 50
1-Click Installations
iPhone Control Panel
Free SSL certificate